Why Horses Make Great Companion Animals

First and foremost, horses make great companion animals for a variety of reasons both physical and emotional, as well as mental—but above all things, they make great friends. For, horses are oftentimes included in the lives of humans, both young and old, and through such not only become a “pet” so to speak, but a companion during both the good times and the bad.

In addition, it allows humans the opportunity to spend more time outside, and through doing so they not only reap the benefits of further establishing a connection with that of their horse, but also gain health benefits through the nature which surrounds him. As a result, a certain peace stems from the presence of a beautiful and wholesome environment, and the physical touch of one’s horse—as they rub the bridge of their nose, brush their mane, etc. It’s through such things that they may find their life feeling more enriched, and/or fulfilled, as they nurture their friend, and develop right alongside them.

Furthermore, horses allow one to interact mentally, as major responsibility comes when one takes care of a horse, as well as respect and compassion, as individuals embark on a journey that provides stimulus mentally to the human mind. For example, in terms of responsibility one has to make sure that they take care of their horse’s needs by ensuring that it has food, water, and clean surroundings. Not only that, but just as horses contribute to the health of humans, their must be a mutual understanding. For, a horse’s health must be monitored as well, and certain action must be taken to avoid them getting sick or injured—such as the cleaning of hooves, etc.

It is through things such as these that we find a unique companionship take place between human and horse, as a level of comfortability and trust is established between the two. This causes individuals to practice things such as humility, as they must learn the value of the creature itself, and other animals alike. Through such, those who suffer with a variety of different things—whether it be physical, emotional, or mental—can find deep respect and value, not only in their horse, but in themselves as well.

In conclusion, horses are great companions no matter what struggling individuals are faced with in that of their personal life. It is through having such a gentle giant for a friend, that one is able to find himself/herself with the ability to overcome challenges, and divert his/her attention to the unlimited possibilities life has to offer, rather than the problems at hand.

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